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Do you have a favorite Italian red wine that helps you unwind after a long day? Is there a particular scent or taste that transports you back to your trip to Italy? Or does an Italian architecture book on your lap help you feel calmer and as you close your eyes you start seeing your new dream home? These reactions are our bodies’ responses to our senses, whether it's something we see, touch, smell, taste or hear. Everything we have always done at Terra Viva since the day we opened as been closely related to this approach. We always wanted to create products that would trigger our senses response. For years next to our products at any of the trade shows we participated there's always been a small sign saying, “PLEASE TOUCH” . Neuroaesthetics, a scientific field of study that explores the impact of aesthetic experiences on human biology, offers insight into which inputs evoke specific responses. It’s the reason your heart rate may change when you touch the surface of one of our products and why your energy level could shift based on the colors used in our patterns. Neuroaesthetics gives a scientific backing to the practical approach we have been implementing in creating all our products.
While reproducing some of the most classical floors of Italian Palazzi, Churches and Villas we have been taking advantage of the Neuroaesthetics body and mind response and it is because of this that most of our clients love our products. Because looking at our products brings back the memories or the passion for Italian culture, architecture or our way of living. Reproducing classic floors means for us above everything careful observation, that resulted in the compulsive search for the perfect matching materials and colors to perfectly match the existing. It meant to keep testing different finishes until the look of the new would perfectly resemble the old. Terra Viva is the only company in the world that manufacture floors reassembling together salvaged materials and the only company in the world that sells preassembled pre-finished tiles, since 1999.

Carlo Menichini
(Founder and CEO)
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